LETS Teamwork Development Represents the Most Current and Extensive Research on Teams and Multi-Team Systems

 Research into workplace teams and multi-team systems is relatively recent and evolving. The research conducted by the team that Dr. Shore was a part of is one of the most recent bodies of work to add to our understanding of how workplace teams and multi-team systems can thrive.


A timeline of the events leading to the LETS team.

*DHS-funded Research Team: Tetrick, L., E., Zaccaro, S. J., Dalal, R. S., Steinke, J. A., Repchick, K. M., Hargrove, A. K., Shore, D. B., Winslow, C. J., Chen, T. R., Green, J. P., Bolunmez, B., Tomassetti, A. J., McCausland, T. C., Fletcher, L., Sheng, Z., Schrader, S. W., Gorab, A. K., & Niu, Q. (2016). Improving social maturity of cybersecurity incident response teams. Fairfax, VA: George Mason University.


Our Story

LETS Professional Development was founded in 2020 in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. As the VUCA workforce collectively, and with little preparation, transitioned to working from home, LETS co-founders saw an interesting—if unsurprising—trend emerge: disconnection. As video-meeting platforms boomed on the stock market, fundamentals of communication suffered. Though organizations and employees alike saw heightened levels of overall productivity and employees reported greater levels of job satisfaction, employees felt more disconnected from their colleagues and their purpose.

Without ever meeting in person, LETS was developed by a distributed team to solve these problems for other distributed teams. By cultivating trust, connectivity, and fostering psychological safety, LETS increases the efficacy of high-performing and innovative teams.


Co-create a psychologically safe environment for teams to maximize connectivity & agility.

The programs leverage findings from 5 years of research, funded through the Department of Homeland Security, by a team of researchers including Dr. Daniel Shore–one of the few who were with the project from start to finish and continued working on it beyond the DHS contract. This research represents one of the most current and extensive research efforts around team dynamics in the field of Workplace Psychology. The study included data from members of 100+ cybersecurity teams (including 30+ multi-team systems) to understand teamwork macro-skills and, more uniquely, teamwork micro-skills, that promote effective communication, collaboration, and cooperation.

Acute development of these macro- and micro-skills supports teams across industries and disciplines in strengthening communication pathways, collaborative problem-solving, and collective success. The LETS Team designed their virtual professional development programs to target effective teamwork in a high-quality, low-resistance format that reinforces organizational culture in a remote world.

Our (distributed) Facilitation Team

Photo of Daniel Shore.

Daniel Shore, PhD

Workplace Psychologist

Dr. Daniel Shore is a workplace psychologist, specializing in building connectivity within and between VUCA teams. Dr. Shore’s research and consulting around team dynamics, organizational culture, and leadership development span a decade of working with non-profit, private, and governmental organizations.

Photo of Zac Broomfield.

Zac Broomfield

Development Coach

Zac Broomfield is a management coach and professional team-builder, specializing in personal power, communication, and leadership dynamics. Zac is known for powerfully inspiring transformative behavioral change with vulnerability and mindset management.