VUCA Teams &
Multi-Team Systems

Designed for teams working in Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous (VUCA) environments, our experiential, gamified simulations cultivate individual and team competencies in ways that are non-context dependent so that the teamwork skills developed become part of lasting habits that transfer to the critical work they do.

How Our Work Supports Your Work

We Support Your Teams

the infrastructure for teamwork. Our workshops level up foundational teamwork elements including team charters, accountability guidelines, and growth-oriented feedback.

teams for faster, more resilient responses. Our workshops increase the capacity to handle unpredictable situations through contingency planning, team interaction mapping, and collaboration walkthroughs.

teams to overcome the natural barriers in collaboration. Our workshops enhance the shared understanding of team members’ goals, perspectives, and unique expertise.

A Targeted Solution

4 Keys to Unlocking Your Teams’ Potential

Applicable to Daily Work

Our study found that 89% of employees found the training applicable to their daily work.

56,000+ Hours of Research Condensed into 24 Experiential Hours

Training is an event, Development is a process

Our development program, LeTS Huddle Up, is an immersive, experiential simulation that provides participants with opportunities to learn and practice teamwork micro-skills, tools, and techniques in ways that are not context-dependent so that they can be applied to any situation in the future.

LeTS Huddle Up develops your teams over the course of 16 weeks through 6 workshops (3-4 hours each) and 10 teamwork micro-skill reinforcement challenges (5-15 minutes each) in between the workshops.